Blue Christmas - December 21 * 7:00 pm

Most people are aware that December 21 is called the Winter Solstice which is the darkest day of the year. The sun sets at 5:12 pm, and we all marvel at how dark it is both when we leave for work and come home from work. This year on Thursday, December 21, we're going to host a worship experience called "Blue Christmas," a special service designed to bless the people in our community who experience the holidays with a different kind of darkness - the darkness of grief. While the holidays are a wonderful time for families to gather, some live with the painful reminder at this time of year that a loved one is no longer with us. We don't always acknowledge well the grief and loss that some feel acutely during the holidays, and our "Blue Christmas" service will be geared especially toward them. If you live with a deep sense of loss during the holidays, please consider joining us for that service. If you know someone in your relational network--a friend, a neighbor, a coworker, an extended family member--who would be blessed by this service, please share an invitation for them to come. Please see this worship service as an extension of our mission of "helping people DISCOVER and FOLLOW Jesus." What a wonderful opportunity to share and experience the hope and healing of the Gospel. We hope you can join us!

Weather Cancellation Policy

During the week we align with the Reeths-Puffer school district for closings. If school is closed due to weather, then our weekday and weeknight programs will follow suit. It is rare for us to cancel a Sunday service due to weather. If in doubt, please check with WCSG radio (91.3), WZZM-TV, or WOOD-TV8. The radio and TV stations noted above will also post this information on their respective websites.