Join AWANA Now!

The AWANA ministry is held on Wednesdays at 6:00pm. Children may enter into the program at any time during the year. The program begins Sept. 13, 2023 thru March 27 for the following age groups.

  • Cubbies – Preschool (4 yr. old, potty-trained)
  • Sparks – Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
  • Truth ‘n’ Training – 3rd Grade - 6th Grade


    6:00 PM

    What to Expect

    Your child will begin the evening of AWANA with a family-style meal shared with their group, adult leader, and helper. Then the entire ministry will meet for opening ceremonies before dispersing to one of three stations.

    • Bible Story
    • Handbook Time
    • Games

    All groups will rotate through these stations each week. At the end of the evening, we will gather together again for our closing ceremonies and dismissal.

    Every child who participates in the AWANA ministry at Discovering Christ Church must have a completed information and registration card on file. Registration cards will be available each Wednesday at the check-in table.

    There is a $1 fee due at check-in time each week. Uniforms and badges are earned as each child completes portions of their handbook. Handbooks are given to each child at no cost, but if lost can be replaced for $10. As each child completes sections in their handbook and is signed off by their leader, they earn points to spend at one of our special store nights.

    What is AWANA?

    AWANA is based on a phrase from II Timothy 2:15, Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed. The focus of AWANA is to teach boys and girls Bible truths. Today’s children are confronted with difficult decisions. AWANA’s Bible-based program seeks to establish them on a firm biblical foundation that will provide guidance for many of the challenges they face. Each child is very special to us and to God. To learn more about the national AWANA program, click the link below.

    Important Tips For Parents

    Moms and Dads are essential helpers in the enjoyment of Awana. Please consider the following tips in order to allow your child to get the most from his/her Club:

    1. Help your child to attend AWANA every week. This consistency will help build friendships and achievements.

    2. Make sure they wear their uniform, their handbook, and that they bring their dues each week.

    3. Be sure they arrive on time: 6:00 p.m. Promptness helps maintain good discipline and ensures they get a full meal.

    4. Help your child learn 2-3 sections from their handbook weekly. This will insure that they finish their book and receive their award.

    5. Attend all major events. Parents are always welcome to attend any club meeting.

    6. Pick up your child promptly at 8:10 p.m.

    7. Always encourage your child. Children have more fun when Mom and Dad show interest in their accomplishments.